Suraj Patel

Investor since 2016

I’m most excited that Bow has an unconventional story and team. We’re doing something different in an industry that hasn’t seen a lot of different.


Ability to remain calm in high-stress situations and think on my feet

First job

Fundraising outside a grocery store for environmental lobbyists

Best Trip

Ice driving in Arjeplog, Sweden


BA Economics at UC Berkeley

Suraj is an operator turned investor. He knows level-headed, hard work, and loves diving into the technical weeds with founders. A UC Berkeley alumnus, Suraj joined Bow as part of the founding team after working in big data and analytics at TIBCO and Looker, specializing in solving tough technical problems for enterprises.

Looker is where he saw what happens when a startup grows by a factor of ten in revenue and five in employees: what works, what breaks, and what needs to happen for a company to succeed.

He gets great satisfaction out of solving difficult problems and the sense accomplishment that comes from doing that hard work.

Suraj is particularly passionate about developer tools, data-driven decision making, automation, and his number one love, Aston Martin.