Suraj Patel

Investor since 2016

I’m most excited that Bow has an unconventional story and team. We’re doing something different in an industry that hasn’t seen a lot of different.


Learning new skills

First job

Fundraising outside a grocery store for environmental lobbyists

Best Trip

Traveling to the artic circle to learn ice driving


BA Economics at UC Berkeley

Suraj’s career mission is to help companies become more data-driven. He knows level-headed, hard work, and loves diving into the technical weeds with founders. A UC Berkeley alumnus, Suraj joined Bow as part of the founding team after working at Looker and TIBCO, helping clients solve their most challenging data problems.

As an early employee at Looker, Suraj saw the company build out its core go-to-market functions as it grew 10x in employee count and revenue. Now as an investor, he leverages this experience to help founders build out their initial marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

He gets great satisfaction from solving difficult problems and a sense accomplishment from doing the hard work to figure out the right answer.

Suraj looks at business across enterprise software and is particularly excited about companies working to improve “traditional” business intelligence and analytics workflows from instrumentation and data movement to data modeling and analysis as well as companies focused on machine learning workflows from data labeling to experiment management and model serving.