Jamie Rodota

Platform Associate since 2018

I’m a help-make-it-happen, boots-on-the-ground type. I like to help people and get my hands dirty to support the greater vision.

Little known fact

I was a shepherd in New Zealand for 3 months

Bucket list

Go skiing on every continent

Dream dinner party guest

Bobby Kennedy


BA Economics at UCSB

Jamie is another proof point that we like long term relationships and UC graduates, since he graduated from UCSB and worked with our founder Vivek at the Sacramento Kings. After that, he went to WeWork, where he grew communities and worked with many different kinds of startups across industries.

Now he’s in the Bow family to be our partner liaison, building out our network of lab contacts, researchers, corporate partners, mentors, and other resources, so Bow can take full advantage of our relationships to best support our entrepreneurs.

He saw the impact the Kings have had on the city of Sacramento first-hand, and is excited to see the impact Bow has for venture capital.