Grady Burnett

General Partner since 2016

I’m inspired by our founders. I love their passion, their belief in running through a wall to make their idea work, and their willingness to learn and iterate on the path to success.

Little-known secret

I played professional tennis


Helping companies scale

Favorite travel spot

Lake Tahoe


BA History at University of Michigan;
MBA at Harvard Business School

Grady joined Bow’s founding team after seeing first-hand how quickly category-changing platforms get created, having scaled DoubleClick, Google, and Facebook. He’s directly been part of what happens when you aggregate data correctly, and how that can lead to massive scaling and platform advantages— experience he offers to Bow’s portfolio companies.

Data is one of the most interesting things to Grady in business today. With its prevalence and when used correctly, data can be used to reshape job functions and platforms, and even reshape industries. He often thinks about what it takes to put massive distance between one company and all its competitors with good use of tools.

Since the businesses of today are created and disrupted at a faster rate, he’s excited to be on the journey and see what businesses of the future shape up to be.

Grady is particularly interested in retail disruption, the future of food, agriculture, and human health.