Christina Dong

Investor since 2018

My interview at Bow was my first time in California. The team was so compelling, that it was enough for me to move across the country.

What are you most excited about right now

I recently discovered Nutella lattes. Highly recommended!

Favorite travel spot

The Maldives

Dream dinner party guest

Émile Durkheim


Honors BA Sociology at University of Chicago

Christina is determined to make the world a better place with Bow, and already has since early on in her career. After witnessing wild socioeconomic disparities in college, she started a healthcare nonprofit to support Chicago’s South side population get better access to healthcare— while she was a student with a full course load.

As an Asian-American, she would go to China each summer growing up, and uses this cultural awareness to think about helping people on a global scale.

She joined us from Boston Consulting Group, where she focused on industrial goods, and tech, media, and telecommunications. She’s most excited to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses every single day, and make the world better through impactful technology.