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Jake Poses
Travis Johnson


Founded 2017

Area of Focus

(Consumer) Communities & consumer


What will learning of the future look like? If the world’s biggest taxi company owns no cars, and the world’s biggest retailer has no stores, perhaps the schools of the future will have no campuses.
Education and skill-building are incredibly interesting areas for us, but that interest is only half of the reason we invested Jumprope. The other half is their founder and CEO Jake.
Jake is an analytical, quantitative thinker, with a knack for building strong product teams. We watched his career progress over the years from management consultant, to product leader, to founder. In that process, we watched him turn into a really great CEO and could not wait to partner with him.
Jumprope solves a real problem— helping people share and learn skills, person to person, online. How-to content is it’s viral in nature: people want to share things they’re good at with others. By creating the best product that focuses on a specific category of content, Jumprope is quickly becoming the best platform for this content.